The development of entrepreneurial competencies is one of the main objectives of the European Union. In 2016, the European Commission has identified entrepreneurialship as one of the eight key competencies needed for a knowledge-based society. Proposing and developing ideas, exploring opportunities throughout the mobilization of resources, taking initiative and acting are key-factors that must be included in the nursing students’ curricula.
Entrepreneurial competencies are the essence of creative and innovative culture. One of the goals of the InovSafeCare project is to motivate students to generate and develop innovation related to HAIs prevention and control.
To stimulate students to explore opportunities using multiple methodologies like Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Learning by Doing as the 1st step for success in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, fostering the development of entrepreneurial culture in the educational community.
The experience of the team consortium created good examples of innovative prototypes related to the HAI prevention and control that are ready to be shared.

Registered patents