InovSafeCare Community

InovSafeCare Community is a community of nursing teachers and students, nurses and other health professionals, as well as any citizen, institution or enterprise that desires to participate in the project.

The community gathers the professionals and experts who are interested in including InovSafeCare Model in HCAIs prevention and control courses in nursing training and education.

The InovSafeCare Community serves as a platform to spread new ideas and innovations solutions in the nursing field related to HCAIs prevention and control and will attract new members to the community by recurrent scientific and pedagogical events. Furthermore, new members can join the community through its official website, in which all interested parties can register for free and be informed about the latest news of the project, breakthrough scientific discoveries in this field as well as have access to all pedagogical materials produced, for example the InovSafeCare Ebook, and online training sessions related to the implementation of the InovSafeCare Model.

The InovSafeCare Community also encourages representatives of the local healthcare organizations and technological companies to showcase their innovative solutions in the field of HCAIs prevention and control, ensuring that ensuring that all participants are aware of the new opportunities and tools that can be used in clinical practice in combating infections and antimicrobial resistance. This dynamic of constant transnational sharing will ensure not only the partnership of different entities and scientific areas in HCAIs prevention and control, which could be the starting point for new collaborations and innovative projects, but also the continuity of the project after its formal conclusion.

In order to contribute to the success of this international project, connected to the creation of pedagogical practices aiming to prevent HCAIs, please answer the 3 questions bellow.