InovSafeCare Model is an educational model that integrates specifics of distinct European teaching and learning systems, as is a result of collaborative work from different working and teaching cultures, for facilitating nursing students to learn good practices in the field of HCAIs prevention and control, raising awareness and encouraging them to critically reflect upon reality, developing innovative proposals.

In alignment current trends in Europe about training for healthcare workers in infection control and hospital hygiene as an essential prerequisite for the definition and implementation of policies and programs aimed at increasing and harmonizing capacity and training in these areas, InovSafeCare Model provides a theoretical pathway that encourages the student to critically analyze the clinical settings where his/her training takes place, reinforcing the need to develop (singularly or in collaboration) innovative solutions that reinforce the basic assumptions of HCAIs prevention and control, stimulating entrepreneurial spirit.

The final version of InovSafeCare Model, fully accessible bellow, is a congruently integrated combination of educational strategies, with the purpose of strengthening active learning environment, enabling students to be engaged in self-learning, critical and reflexive thinking, with an entrepreneurial attitude, as the active citizens they are expected to be.

InovSafeCare Model – Conceptualization 

InovSafeCare Model – Presentation