These events, organized by all Partner Institutions, have as main goal to attract the participants to join the InovSafeCare Community, which will be established during these events.

Each event includes the presentation of the current version of the

  • InovSafeCare Model, along with the sharing of the experiences in using the model in nursing teaching and trainings to promote the model
  • E-book and simulation scenarios which will be discussed and offered to every participant who joins the InovSafeCare Community

During the event, the several project team members and trained teachers in each institution will share experiences and give support to all interested in integrating the InovSafeCare Community.

In some of the events, participants are also invited to give a presentation about their experiences and challenges in HCAIs prevention and control. Also call for scientific papers will be launched in order to get relevant presentations to the event (either oral communication or poster presentation).

Additionally, the participants will be offered the opportunity to attend different thematic sessions whose main objectives are centered on interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering a critical and entrepreneurial spirit in the construction of innovative solutions for HCAI prevention and control.

ME event hosted by Savonia UAS – Kuopio, Finland

The event was organized by Savonia University as a part of Savonia University International Week, on February 23rd, 2021. The workshop “Innovative Methods to Motivate Health Care Students to Learn Infection Prevention and Control Practices” took place virtually, presented by the Finnish InovSafeCare team members, focused on the new innovative learning methods E-book and Simulation besides the InovSafeCare Model produced during the InovSafeCare project.  

ME event hosted by USAL – Salamanca, Spain

The event, organized in Salamanca, Spain was hosted by USAL in September 6th, 2021. Invitations to all interested parties in the field of training and education of nursing through the contacts and networks of the project partners gathered participants from Spain and from USAL partner Institutions, allowing the presentation of the outcomes of the project, along with its reflexive discussion.

ME event hosted by ESEnfC – Coimbra, Portugal

The event was organized by ESEnfC from Coimbra on September, 22nd, 2021. Participants from Portugal, other European Countries and from outside Europe were invited to join the online event. Presentations of scientific communications occurred simultaneously in several virtual rooms, allowing participants to choose the themes they were more interested in.

ME event hosted by PSW – Gniezno, Poland

The event was organized by PWS on October, 11th, 2021. Participants from Poland, other European Countries and from outside Europe were invited to join the online event. Participants had the opportunity to get in contact with the British perspective on infection control in nursing education, shared by a nurse from Cambridge. It was an opportunity to discuss this Project proposed pedagogical Model and E-book that enlarged perspectives.

ME event hosted by IPSantarem – Santarém, Portugal

IPSantarém’s Multiplier event took place on October 18th, 2021, with a total of 164 participants from Portugal, other european countries and out of Europe as well. Mostly nurses from clinical practice, but also professors and students, both nurses and from other areas of health care, discussed HCAIs diverse themes. Oral communications were presented, approaching different areas related to HCAIs.